Gentle Baby Tooth Extraction for South Weymouth, MA, Children of All Ages

Dentistry for Children is dedicated to offering everything your child needs for lifelong oral health. That’s why our services include gentle baby tooth extraction in South Weymouth, MA. While we do our best to preserve natural teeth for as long as possible, sometimes removing them is the best option. Baby teeth can become decayed or infected just like adult teeth, and if they’re left unchecked, they might cause toothaches and spread the infection to the rest of the mouth. Gum disease and baby bottle tooth decay are common problems, and extraction can correct them.


Our pediatric dentistry team works to safeguard your child from facing expensive or painful problems later in life. This includes oral healthcare for kids with special needs and various types of orthodontic treatments as well. The latter requires plenty of space for adult teeth, so when baby teeth don’t fall out as they should, Dentistry for Children has a procedure to remove them. Families from Braintree, Abington, Rockland, Hanover, and South Weymouth, Massachusetts, can all rely on our emergency dentist anytime for quality care of baby teeth that paves the way for permanent teeth.