The Trusted Pediatric Dentist in Hanover, MA

At Dentistry for Children, we are committed to helping families develop brilliant smiles for life. As your pediatric dentist in Hanover, MA, we provide a variety of oral care services to children. Thanks to our experience and compassionate approach to care, your child will have the support they need to have healthy teeth and gums.


About Our Dentistry Services

Oral care means more than showing off a bright smile—especially during childhood. The development of a child’s teeth, gums, and jaw will influence their appearance, speaking, and even sleeping habits. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a seasoned dental care team that allows your child to develop healthy and positive oral care habits.

We are here to help your child with their oral health needs, from routine checkups to emergency care. We provide care to children and teenagers, allowing patients to gain a solid foundation for teeth and gum health.

Our pediatric dentists provide a complete approach to treatment, including periodic exams and treatment of cavities. We also offer treatment and support for curbing harmful habits like thumb sucking.

Orthodontic Treatment

Fixing misaligned teeth is more than a cosmetic procedure—it also helps individuals to maintain healthy gums and correct jaw alignment. Our dental office provides teeth straightening treatment to patients. We have multiple options for patients to choose from, including conventional braces and Invisalign.


Emergency Dentistry

Often, dental emergencies happen with little warning. Rest assured, our dental care team is here to make things right. Our emergency dentist is available to provide assistance.


Contact us to schedule an appointment for your child. Our dentist office is located in South Weymouth, MA, and serves families in Hanover, Braintree, Abington, Rockland, Holbrook, and the surrounding area.