Friendly Pediatric Dentist Serving Holbrook, MA

At Dentistry for Children, we understand that you want what is best for you family. As such, we provide a variety of dental services for children and teens. Thanks to our skill, experience, and empathetic approach to care, it is easier to maintain healthy and bright smiles for your entire family.


We are a pediatric dentist serving Holbrook, MA, as well as the surrounding area. Since 1975, we have been a leading provider of oral care, including orthodontics. Schedule an appointment for your child and discover the difference that our care team makes.


Helping Your Child Stay on Top of Dental Health

We get it: it can be hard to keep your children on the path to healthy teeth and gums. Our dental practice specializes in dentistry for children, meaning we approach to care and treatment that lets young patients feel at ease. In addition, our dentists monitor the development of your child’s teeth and gums and address issues as they grow. Together, our dental care team provides a solid foundation for your child to take charge of their health—and feel proud doing it.


In addition to routine checkups and pediatric dental treatments, our practice also provides orthodontic care. The alignment of teeth influences the development of a child’s jaw, which can affect appearance, sleep hygiene, and even speech. Our dentistry practice offers different approaches to treatment, such as traditional braces and Invisalign.


Has your child experienced an urgent dental issue? There’s no need to worry—we’re here to help. We have an emergency dentist on duty who ready to assist your family.


Contact us to schedule a dental appointment for your child. Our office is located in South Weymouth, MA, and we serve the surrounding area. We serve families living in Holbrook, Braintree, Abington, Hanover, Rockland, and Quincy.