Experienced Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist in South Weymouth, MA

Ensure your child has a healthy smile by turning to the team at Dentistry for Children. As a full-service dentist and orthodontist in South Weymouth, MA, we provide a number of pediatric dental solutions for our patients.

By starting our compassionate care at a young age, we aim to develop positive habits to provide children with a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles. We strongly believe that education and prevention are fundamental to kids' dental care, and we give each of our patients the resources needed to maintain their smiles.

Contact us to learn more about our dental services and let a pediatric dentist provide your children with the dental care they need. We also offer emergency services with the support of our emergency dentist.

Complete Orthodontic Solutions

If your child's teeth start to grow out of alignment or are crooked, then our team is here to help. We provide a number of orthodontic treatments to our patients using the latest technologies and modern techniques. We offer various types of braces for your child's orthodontic treatments, including traditional metal fixtures as well as invisible aligners. We also provide our orthodontic treatments to adults who are looking to deal with crooked or misaligned teeth.

Offering Excellent Pediatric Dental Treatments

Our pediatric dentist is here to provide kids with a variety of dental treatments to prevent tooth decay, save teeth, and repair teeth when necessary. Continue browsing this website to learn more about the pediatric dentistry treatments we offer.

Topical Fluoride

Fluoride helps make the teeth’s enamel harder and more resistant to decay. At Dentistry for Children, our pediatric dentist can apply a higher concentration to your child’s teeth for maximum protection.

Dental Sealants

The little grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, known as “pits and fissures,” are the perfect environments for decay-causing bacteria. Dental sealants are used in pediatric dentistry to help prevent cavities by sealing these tiny crevices. These plastic coatings are easy to apply and provide years of protection.


Chips and minor fractures to front teeth can be repaired with tooth-colored bonding materials. These lifelike resins made of plastic and glass can be used on baby teeth and permanent teeth, lasting until the child has completed facial growth. Let our experienced pediatric dentist help restore the pristine condition of your child’s teeth through bonding treatments.

Root Canal

Save an injured or severely decayed tooth through a root canal treatment. We offer this pediatric dentistry service to avoid the premature loss of baby teeth and will help prevent a malocclusion (“mal” – bad; “occlusion” – bite) that requires orthodontic treatment. Ask our pediatric dentist to learn more about our services.

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